The Templeton

Rates based on the length of your stay
2 night minimum $175/night
3-6 nights $160/night
1-2 weeks $140/night

The longer your stay, the lower the nightly rate

Include the optional screen room for a flat $50 for the entire duration of your stay.


Camping in Comfort

The Templeton is for those who want to get into the woods of Vermont while still enjoying many of the comforts and conveniences of home.

There are two seating areas; one with two cushioned bench seats and a table for dining, and the other a wide U-shaped cushioned bench with an ottoman for kicking back and relaxing.  

There are two curtained-off sleeping compartments; one with a queen bed and the other a full, both with freshly cleaned linens and 2 pillows. If needed, the seating areas and dining table can be converted into two single beds.

Wrapping up the interior, there is a sink with running water for washing hands and dishes, and a furnace and fridge that operate on either propane or electricity.

Outside there is a 2-burner propane stove attached to the side of the camper for preparing meals.

You are responsible for booking your own campsite prior to booking one of our pop-up campers. View the current list of participating campgrounds.


Campsite Specs

When choosing a site be mindful that the overall length of the Templeton is 20’. It is equipped with water tanks, an LP tank & a 12v battery for limited electricity but also has water and electric hook up capability.


Max Capacity

We want you to enjoy your stay in our unique and boutique up-cycled pop-up campers. As such, we recommend no more than 4 adults and 2 children for the Templeton. 



cookware, dishes, utensils, percolator, fire extinguisher, kitchen and bath towels, dish soap, bedding & pillows, flashlight/lantern, first aid kit, umbrellas, bluetooth stereo, carbon monoxide detector, awning, camp chairs, outdoor rug, cooler, condiments (salt & pepper, coconut oil, ketchup and mustard)


Optional (highly recommended) Starter Provisions

$50 gets you the following starter provisions for the perfect camping experience!

snacks crackers and chips, salsa, cheese, soft drinks, that sort of thing
breakfast fixin's - a dozen eggs, loaf of bread, stick of butter, orange juice, coffee, creamer, tea
s'mores - Graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows.
etc - potable water, ice for the cooler, firewood and fire starter, paper towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo for bathing, bug spray