The Jackson

Rates based on the length of your stay
2 night minimum $150/night
3-6 nights $135/night
1-2 weeks $120/night

The longer your stay, the lower the nightly rate

Include the optional screen room for a flat $50 for the entire duration of your stay.


Perfect for a weekend getaway

The Jackson delivers a cozy cabin in the woods vibe while remaining light and airy with its large windows.

Flanking both ends of the pop-up camper are sleeping compartments with privacy curtains. Each has a full bed with freshly cleaned linens and 2 pillows. If needed, the dinette table and its two bench seats can be converted into a third full bed.

There is a sink with running water for washing hands and dishes, and a 2-burner propane stove attached to the exterior of the camper for preparing meals.


You are responsible for booking your own campsite prior to booking one of our pop-up campers. View the list of our participating campgrounds.


Campsite Specs

When choosing a site be mindful that the overall length of the Jackson is ~16’. It is equipped with water tanks, an LP tank & a 12v battery for limited electricity but also has water and electric hook up capability.


Max Occupancy

We want you to enjoy your stay in our unique and boutique up-cycled pop-up campers. As such, we recommend no more than 4 adults for the Jackson. 



cookware, dishes, utensils, percolator, fire extinguisher, kitchen and bath towels, dish soap, bedding & pillows, flashlight/lantern, first aid kit, umbrellas, bluetooth stereo, carbon monoxide detector, awning, camp chairs, outdoor rug, cooler, condiments (salt & pepper, coconut oil, ketchup and mustard).


Optional (highly recommended) Starter Provisions

$50 gets you the following starter provisions for the perfect camping experience!

snacks - crackers and chips, salsa, cheese, soft drinks, that sort of thing
breakfast fixin's - a dozen eggs, loaf of bread, stick of butter, orange juice, coffee, creamer, tea
s'mores - Graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows.
etc - potable water, ice for the cooler, firewood and fire starter, paper towels, soap and shampoo for bathing, bug spray.