It all started when…

We wanted to go camping. That’s really the spark that lit our campfire. Our little crew behind Good2GoCamping — Mike, Eric, John, Mark and Kim — are a mix of both natives and transplants (or flatlanders as true Vermonters say) who either had fond memories of camping as kids, or were drawn to it by living near the lush forests and mountain lakes of Vermont.

The idea that we would rent, deliver, set up, and provision these glamped-up pop-ups simply came from our own realization that it takes a lot to get from saying “let’s go camping” to sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallows. First off, you need a camper. Tents are fine, but many folks prefer something not so ‘on the dirt’ as Kim would say. You can rent a trailer, but you need a vehicle that has a hitch and horsepower to tow it, or face the challenges of driving a big RV rig. Then there’s all the equipment, etc. We wanted to make camping as convenient as booking a hotel, just show up and settle in.

We initially chose to focus on pop-up campers because they’re open and airy like tents, but a bit more comfortable to just lounge in and soak up the natural surrounding — kind of like a screened porch. Additionally, a pop-up is something we could easily tow with vehicles we already had. A used one wouldn’t set us back that far, and the renovation project wouldn't be too overwhelming. Fortunately we all had the various and necessary skills to make it happen — carpentry, plumbing, electrical, design, finances, hospitality business, and web development. We even put Eric’s 83 year old mom to work, employing her seamstress skills to produce curtains and upholstery!

As we started renovating our very first camper rescue, the Jackson, transforming its decor from that stale factory look that all campers have to a cozy cabin in the woods vibe, we were all very excited. Who wouldn’t want to camp in one of these up-cycled pop-ups?! Within a month we had purchased three, saving them from the backyards of neglect. Something the five of us share is an awareness about wastefulness. Being able to up-cycle and extend the life of these pop-ups & trailers into fun boutique ‘glampers’ for romantic getaways, girls weekends, family vacations — that really resonated with us. And if you stay in one, you’ll even notice that we strive to limit the amount of plastic, especially the one-use kind, in the stuff with which we equip and provision the campers.

As we grow, we look forward to rescuing more pop-ups and even trailers too, and providing additional excursions for our guests through our companion endeavor, Vermont Tasting Tours, where we pick you up in our 12 passenger van for outings such as beer, cider, wine & spirits tasting tours, blueberry & apple picking, swimming hole trips — all that Vermont has to offer!

Good2GoCamping In The News…

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